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Alice and Eugene: The Lucky Ones

True, Local Stories from WWII and The Great Depression

"The Lucky Ones" is an original play in two acts featuring the stories of a local WWII veteran who was stationed in New Guinea and his wife. The play captures the hardships of a young soldier fighting in the war, the efforts of a young woman fighting at home, and the story of how their lives intertwined. Throughout the play, these stories are expressed through various art forms including Songwriting, Poetry, Visual Art and Creative Movement. These stories were gathered through extensive interviews with Alice and Eugene during the summer of 2013.

Take Care of Barbara

True, Local Stories from WWII, The Great Depression, and the Korean War

"Take Care of Barbara" is an original play featuring the stories of a woman from the Sheboygan area of Wisconsin. The play captures Barbara's experiences as she grew from a child into a young woman during The Great Depression, WWII, and the Korean War. Her heart-warming and poignant stories are expressed through various artforms including Songwriting, Poetry, Visual Art, and Creative Movement. These stories were gathered through a series of interviews with Barbara from 2014-2015.

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