The mission of the Live Forever Project (LFP) is to keep memories alive through the power of the arts and to empower every citizen of the world to participate in this mission, no matter what level of artistic experience they have, or where they happen to be in their personal journey.



Eugene Hilke, a WWII Veteran who was stationed in New Guinea, tells us his stories for the Live Forever Project.
Marie K, 96 of Sheboygan, tells us her stories for the Live Forever Project.

"I can tell you really listened."


Live Forever Project (LFP) was founded in 2013 by a small group of artists in Wisconsin who wanted to tell the stories of World War II veterans. They decided to use their artistic talents to bring the stories and memories to life so that the memories would live on forever. This small group of artists created and performed several full-length musical productions featuring the stories of local Wisconsin elders, with a WWII emphasis. The productions integrated multiple art forms including songwriting, theatre, storytelling, dance, poetry, and visual art.


Since then, the focus of LFP has expanded from being focused on WWII veterans to including elders of all backgrounds, regardless of military status. The format of LFP has also changed and continues to grow and develop. The newest iteration of its format is being launched as an initiative to get more people involved with the project. In a nutshell, contributors from anywhere can write or create in their chosen art form based on the stories of elders and contribute their pieces to the project. These stories can be from elders in their own lives, or from excerpts of stories/interviews that are provided to contributors as raw material by LFP.


The primary mode of interaction and communication with LFP is through the newly launched LFP Facebook group, where contributors can post their work and where prompts and interview/story excerpts will eventually be posted for writers to create from if they choose. If you are interested in contributing artistically, or simply in participating by being a viewer/reader/listener, please consider joining the Facebook group (Click Here).

Pieces will be selected from the Facebook group to be included on this website.



Colleen Machut, LFP Founder